Back in the day, Tia Mowry and her twin sister Tamara were the queens of Disney channel. From Sister, Sister to Twitches and Twitches Too, the girls had captivated audiences everywhere. In the years since they’ve been busy starting families of their own, but now one sister is back and better than ever. Tia Mowry’s Family Reunion on Netflix is just like Full House.


The series was officially announced back in October of 2018, and people everywhere have been dying in anticipation. Family Reunion is hitting Netflix in July, and in celebration of the new series, Mowry sat down for an interview with Netflix:

In the video, Mowry talks about balancing her career with being a wife and a mother, choosing to pursue motherhood later in life, and of course, what she hopes to accomplish with Family Reunion.

“What I love about my character, Cocoa, in Family Reunion, and just being on the show in general, is that we’re really being given a platform to tackle these topics of racism and being treated unfairly in certain situations.”

Family Reunion also stars actors like Loretta Devine (you may recognize her as Richard’s wife from Grey’s Anatomy), Anthony Alabi, Talia Jackson, Isiah Russell-Bailey, Cameron “CJ” Wright, and Jordyn Raya James.

The series tells the story of a family that lives in Seattle, Washington consisting of Cocoa, her husband Moz, and their four children. When the family heads down to Columbus, Georgia, for their family reunion, they meet an entire extended family that they didn’t even know about.

The series will be available on Netflix for your viewing pleasure as of July 10th. The first season is said to have 20-episodes, all of which have been written entirely by black writers, and produced by Meg DeLoatch and Eric Dean Seaton.

You can check out the official trailer for Family Reunion below.